Current Music – Never Tire Of It

I’m fortunate in that I can listen to music at work. I’ve ripped my entire CD collection onto my computer, and it takes up almost 5 GB. I ripped the tracks at 128 to 160 bit, which sounds perfect to me and is a convenient size. Anything more than 160 tends to cause speaker distortion.
And, I listen to Launchcast, which is streaming radio. It’s free if you don’t mind medium quality music and occasional commercials, or only $4 a month for high quality and no adverts, and a few dozen extra channels.
Check it out; it’s fantastic!

There’s a few bands I’ve found that I can listen to the same album every day and never get tired of it: Soul Coughing’s Irresistible Bliss is the big one. It’s just such upbeat, positive music. Unique and fun. I’ve been listening to it since 1999 and I still love every track.
The Gorillaz is another one, but to a lesser degree. It’s also unique and has a very unusual style. Usually music with a unique style gets old fast! But not these. Give ’em a try!

As far as favorite music in general, if you’re interested: Nine Inch Nails is top of the list! It’s rough, brutal, often emotional music that really plays on both the gut and the head. And I can’t WAIT for the new album. (They finally updated the Web site.)

Actually, Tea Party is even higher on the list. I get a lot of crap from my brother about them, calling them “Led Doors.” And to be honest, justifiably so. The lead singer sounds a LOT like Jim Morrision, and they use a LOT of Led Zepplin as their influence…as far as to take some of their riffs and rhythms. But, I consider it honorific as opposed to stealing considering Robert Plant and Jimmie Page love them, and let them open for them on a tour a few years ago. Tea Party may take a lot of inspiration from Led Zeppelin, but they really make it into their own music. They do have a unique style. Their writing is smart and skillful, and their playing is just as skillful and highly adept. They’re very popular in Canada, but not here in the States. Maybe their next album this Spring will be their breakthrough. =)

Next is Tori Amos. Beautiful singer, great songs. I still tear up occasionally when I listen to Little Earthquakes.

Peter Gabriel is also one of my favorites. Nickel Creek and Pink Floyd are up there. Definitely Pink Floyd. From beginning to end, Piper at the Gates of Dawn all the way up to Division Bell.