I Started Jogging The Other Day…

…and I quickly gave it up, and started walking the other day.
Man! I am SO out of shape. I’m kinda fat, I admit, but not too bad. But I’m VERY out of shape and get tired just reaching up over my head!
So, in an effort to tone up and get some endurance, I started getting up early in the morning and walking for 30 minutes. I thought I could start jogging, but that lasted about one block. I figure once I can walk hard for 30 minutes without feeling any amount of strain or soreness, THEN I can try jogging.

But this is tough for me, getting up in the morning any earlier than the last minute with only just enough time to shower before work. It’s hard when that alarm goes off to justify actually getting up instead of sleeping for another 45 minutes. But, I just have to keep thinking about how much I want to not have a big stomach and be able to do anything physical without having an early heart attack.

Last year I went paintballing for the 1st time. And after the second round, I had to leave the field feeling like I was having asthma-coronary combo death. Hurt like heck, to the point of tears, and that was only after 20 minutes of sprinting in short bursts. Fortunately, once the endorphins and dopamine kicked in, I got past that “wall” I think runners refer to, and was actually able to keep playing (a little subdued) for another couple of hours. But, I really don’t want to have to keep doing that. I don’t want to have to hit any wall just playing some paintball.

And so I’m getting up early in the mornings and hoping my sore legs don’t make it that much tougher to get up at ungodly:30 a.m. every day.