Murderous God

The God of the Old Testament was a heartless, murderous psychopath, in my opnion.
Just look at this one chapter, Joshua 11
Skeptic’s Annotated

This verse is quite nice:
“For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.”
– Joshua 11:20

And of course, one of my favorite passages dealing with God ordained abortion, curses, and justified male jealosy and wife ownership:
Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

Schitzophrenic? Check out Genesis 6:5 and then 8:21. Whichever translation you like.
He kills all humans and innocent animals because humans are wicked (did He not see this coming?) And then declares that he will not flood the Earth again, BECAUSE men are wicked.

And what’s the moral of the story:
Judges 19
Where the host of a visitor offers up his virgin daughter to appease a mob bent on rape (seems to be a lot of these situations), they take the concubine instead and rape her to death. Then the master chops her into 12 pieces and sends them to the ends of Israel.

Addendum added later: Don’t take this as my believing God himself is a murderous psycho, but rather that religion creates and supports behavior and beliefs that admire a murderous psychotic God. I don’t believe God has human traits and fallabilities. Humans have projected our own fear, greed, hate, prejudices upon God. How can you not read stories like these and not think of every other religion where Gods are petty and cruel and act exactly like childish humans with supreme power? The Greeks, Romans, Babalonyans, Egyptians, Pacific Rim native tribes, Maorians, Celts, Goths…the Judeao-Christian God is no different. He’s presented and fashioned with so many human falibilities and weaknesses…we have created him in our image.

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