Commenting Back, and Giving Back to the Opposition

Well, commenting is back on. Something weird happened with my MT-Blacklist causing it to reject EVERY comment, spam and legit.
So, I turned off Blacklist for now until I get it fixed.

Anyway. I feel bad that the only other blog out there I read is Vertias Center* and I’m constantly posting caustic vitriol over there in response to his posts. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mark who runs that blog is a great guy. Smart, friendly, generous, outgoing, a great father, someone who I had the fortune to be both a student under and a co-worker of. He’s curious and I’ve never seen him in a bad mood, even during times of stress. Although I bet I’ve really taken him to the edge of patience with some of my post comments. =)

I’m a pretty confrontational guy. Well, in writting at least. In person I think I’m kind of a meek geek and have a VERY hard time speaking my thoughts. So when I find something I feel passionately about, I will write passionately and confrontationally and often with a lot of bloated self-importance. And I’ve left a lot of that over on Vertias Center.

I say that to say this: If you want to read a well spoken and passionate advocate for the side of religious certainty, head on over there and support his blog. He puts a lot of work into finding sources and quotes and articles and whatnot to express his beliefs and opinions. If yo uagree, let him know and link his site to yours. If you disagree, be kinder than I have. =)

* I do also read Wil Wheaton’s blog although I don’t send comments. =)


Well, for reasons as yet unknown, Veritas Center no longer exists. Which disappoints me. While we had (have…I mean, Mark is still alive and all *g*) very significant philisophical and theistic differences, I was glad for his opinions and insight.

While I take ownership of a certain amount of “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude and mentality, I’m certainly not a fascist who believes differing opinions should be repressed! On the contrary, I think every and all opinions should have an outlet! (Well, to be honest, there are SOME opinions I can conjure up that really probably shouldn’t, and believers in such opinions should probably be exiled from society if not outright eliminated for the sake of innocents….)

And so, I’m disappointed the fact Veritas Center is no more. R.I.P.