Gimmie Gimmie

So I’m looking around at various Websites that I view daily, Web comics and whatnot, and I see “Donate” buttons here and there. And I thought, “Why not?”
I don’t contribute anything of value, nothing helpful or useful, even artistic or interesting, and only maybe 5 people have ever even looked at my blog.
But what if some misguided soul with too much disposable income were to come by and say “You know, he might post something slightly more interesting if he got a few cents for it.”

So, over on the right there, in the side-bar, there’s a PayPal “Donate” button for anyone who feels very charitable.

Do I feel deserving of donations? Nope. Sure don’t. But hey, Why not?
Of course a donation is not like a political contribution. If you do suddenly come down with psychosis and decide to donate something, and put a message “I’d like to see more nekkid girlies,” I will tank you for your contribution to my bandwidth and hosting fees and then direct you to

Of course, if I do get the ocassional contribution to my bandwidth and hosting fees, I will be compelled to write more and more interesting things…just be warned that it may not be to your interest. =)

So, thanks in advance, and don’t laugh TOO hard. =)