CSS Are Your Friend!

There was a time in which Cascading Style Sheets didn’t exist…and that was the age I learned HTML in. Circa 1995. It was all TABLE and FONT tags, baby!

Well, a few years ago I finally stopped using FONT tags and started using style sheets for all my font stuff at least. But I’ve been reticent to go all out. I’ve learned how to make border boxes, but I still use tables for all my positioning and widths.

Now this blog. Well, this blog software, WordPress. I’ve been using MoveableType for a few years and except for a few of my own manual changed, had used a downloaded template.
I’m still currently using a downloaded template with this new blog, but at its very core WordPress is so customizeable that I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get it “just right”. And that requires not only my more than mediocre knowledge of PHP *grin* but a crash-course in more advanced (read: “standard”) CSS’s.

For example. Blockquotes. If you’re reading this blog while I’m using the “borderlinechaos” theme, then you will see the blockquotes style like this:

All this text you are reading right now is in “blockquote”. It brings the margins in and separates the text from the main body of the blog.
The appearance of this blockquote is very different than what it originally looks like in this theme “off the shelf.”

I’ve gone into the CSS of the theme and added margins and a background and borders and padding to make it look “better” (according to me.)

(The big problem with this blog entry, is it’s very likely that within 30 minutes I may be using a different theme entirely. I’m trying first to learn what all I can DO with a theme, with what features I can add and create, for example, over there to the side with the various menus and lists. Then, I plan on finding a theme as close to what I want and then revamping it to what I want permanently. This borderlinechaos theme, if that’s what you’re seening now, is fun, but it’s temporary.)

Anyway, I’m having alot of fun playing with CSS. It’s a little daunting, like learning a new programming language (hey guess what? It IS! *g*) But it certainly does make doing large or comples visual changes a LOT easier!