There Are Absolute Truths

Over on NewSojourner blog I’m having a great debate/discussion with Mark about the existance and application of “Universal Truths”:
And for the most part I’m being a devil’s advocate. A way I myself try to also better understand something, if I vehemently try to argue the other side. (A side-effect from my speech-and-debate days.)

Now, I really do believe that there is a problem with using terms like “justice” and “morality” and “universal” in the same paragraphs and assuming there’s any actual universal agreement. But I do know one thing, I DO believe in some “Universal Truths” and one of those is the evil (yes, I said “evil”) of harming innocent people, most especially children.

There’s a CNN article on the guy from Idaho who killed four people, kidnapped a brother and sister, killed him eventually, and at least she was rescued and the guy was caught…but not after a couple of weeks.

This piece of trash had his own blog, where supposedly he questioned issues of morality and did a lot of blaming of society for his “demons.” Here’s a clue-by-four for him: He is entirely to blame for who he is and what he does. (Everyone is, for that matter.) What society is to blame for is not putting that piece of filth to death after the first molestation conviction.

Child molesters can’t be cured, they can’t be rehabilitated. They are what they are. Serial rapists, people capable of premedatated murder. These are predators and do not deserve to be a part of society. They should be exiled at worst, executed preferably. This is one area where my libertarianism completely ends and my facism takes over. People on sex offender lists who are on there for child molestation, and kidnapping and rape should be rounded up and shipped off to an island of no escape and forced to provide for themselves. Society should not be forced to have its citizens preyed upon by these pieces of crap.

It breaks my heart to think about what that girl has gone though, all that she’s lost. All she may have witnessed. Am I wrong for being glad that a lot of molesters are killed in prison?