Administration Proclaims Dictatorship

An article on a lawsuit filed to stop the government from collecting phone records.

One interesting point is how author Studs Turkel who was blacklisted in the 50’s states that when the goveernment uses corporations to collect information on its citizens, it’s gone too far. But here’s the part that’s really interesting:

The Bush administration has urged a judge to dismiss a similar case, saying it threatens to divulge state secrets and jeopardize national security. The government argued in briefs that the courts cannot decide the constitutionality of the president’s asserted wartime powers to eavesdrop on Americans without warrants.

That dear readers, is a dictatorship. President Shrub has done a great many things the last few years to remove civil liberties and break the law, and has hid behind the justification of war powers. It’s real convenient that the war we’re in is over not a country that can surrender, not an army that can be defeated, but the concept of “terrorism.”

It’s an unwinnable war, an eternal war like the “war against drugs,” and the “war on poverty.” This administration, like the dictatorship in “1984” is using a war that won’t end to do what it wants in flagrant violation of the Constitution they were sworn to protect and defend. They stomp and tread and spit on the Constitution in their mad grab for power and control at the sake of the citizens that put them in power.

I’m disgusted and angry beyond control, and sadly, not surprised.