Happy Earth-Death Day

OK, a little late, but I’m behind on my podcast listening. =)

The second latest Point of Inquiry program was an Earth Day “special” of sorts.

It starts with an essay about how Earth Day, the idea of “saving the world,” is erroneous and dangerous. The Earth abides. It was here long before us and it will be here long after us. Once we’re all dead and gone, it will continue. What we’re wanting to do with our “save the Earth” desires is actually save humanity.

In 40 years, at current rates, there will be 12 billion people on this planet. And guess what: The Earth can’t handle it. It can’t support that many people. So how will it deal with it? Plagues and famine on Biblical proportions.

Both the essayist and scientist and entertainer Bill Nye on the program, express the need to change the way we live ourselves, in a controlled manner, rather than waiting until we’re forced to by natural forces as billions of people starve to death.

Unfortunately, there’s a huge effort in America to stifle the idea that the need is urgent. Among religious fundamentalists there’s an idea that we can’t harm the ecology, make it unfit for human life. That there is no “global heating” (as Bill Nye prefers over “global warming” which sounds nice and safe.) And the religious administration actively discourages and censors scientific work and findings that reveal the state of the global ecology. The Bush administration actively prevents the use of the term “climate change” in government sponsored scientific findings and research.

The Earth will carry on with or without us. Indeed, we can’t actuallt harm the Earth. But we can harm our own species and we are. The podcast’s essayist suggests we observe Human Day and focus on the true goal of saving ourselves instead of the misguided attitude that we are stewards of the planet that needs saving where we don’t factor in.