I Am A Pod-Person!

As much as I’d like to be a bodysnatcher, what I mean is, I’m addicted to podcasts!

Podcasts are like audio blogs. Amateur radio shows. Some are music based, like on-line radio, some are interview shows, review shows, etc. I’m a fan of the sci-fi and skepticism shows. There’s a lot that are quite well produced and professional sounding, and those are the ones I tend to listen to. I use a program (for Linux) called Akregator which manages my podcast feeds, regularly checks for new episodes, and downloads them. iTunes works just as well, but Akregator is just so streamlined and easy to use.
In fact, here’s my updated list of podcasts I listen to:


  • Dragon Page: Cover to Cover — Sci-fi/Fantasy book review and author interviews.
  • Dragon Page: Wingin’ It — Silly drinking podcast with lots of great beer information and reviews.
  • Dragon Page: Slice of Sci-Fi — Sci-Fi/Fantasy all media review and entertainment show.
  • Geeks On — Show on all things geeky hosted by four people in the movie and electronic gaming industry.
  • Dragon’s Landing — All things role-playing gaming. Excelent tips and tricks and advice for your RPG’s, for the player, but mostly the Game Master. Hosted by a couple of guys in my own town, actually!
  • Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas — Great sci-fi/fantasy discussion and review show. Really gab the heck out of a given topic like Dune (movie, book, and mini-series,) Ladyhawk, Logan’s Run, and the like.
  • Geek Fu Action Grip — Blog and show on general topics (usually geeky) from the host of “I Should Be Writing”, below.
  • The Vintage Gamer — Discussions of older gaming, role-playing, board, and computer/console. Like old “Top Secret” RPG and the original “Castle Wolfenstein” (the non-3D one!).
  • Weekly Anime Review Podcast — Review of classic and new anime.
  • Penny Arcade — Just the recorded discussion between the creators of the Penny Arcade Web comic.


  • Michael A. Stackpole Podcasts — A few different shows he has regarding writing tips and advice. Highly regarded and published sci-fi/fantasy author.
  • I Should Be Writing — Blog and show regarding writing from a struggling author, giving tips and advice and interviews from more published authors.

Science, Skepticism and Freethinking

  • Bad Astronomy Blog — Oops, that’s a blog, not a podcast, but it’s the only blog I have in my Akregator to regularly let me know of knew editions. Blog on astronomy, skepticism, and science.
  • Point of Inquiry — Great interview and news show for issues of skepticism, rational thought, reason, and freethinking. Very professional.
  • Skepticality — Great news and interviews for things skeptical and science and social news issues that don’t get much mass media exposure. Possibly dead podcast, though. No updates in quite some time.
  • Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe — A group of skeptics discussing all things urban legend, scientific, news-worthy fallacies, in the realm of rational thought. Great new addition, “Name That Logical Fallacy”.