Internet Neutrality – Selling of the Net to Corporate Interests

There have been a lot of chain e-mail over the years with silly Internet scares.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those.

Congress (well, the Republicans in Congress) have been working with the telcos (remember, those companies which have been selling our phone records to the government?) to craft legislation removing the neutrality of the Internet. What that means is that the telcos and ISP’s will be able to determine what content on the Internet their customers can reach, based on who is giving them money.

For example, let’s say your ISP is AOL. Let’s say Google won’t pay AOL a service fee. AOL can then prevent its customers from being able to access Google and will forward their customer to some search engine that is paying AOL a fee.

Consider if you owned a small business. Let’s say a mail-order baking business that relys on the Internet for your sales. Let’s say a larger competetor of yours pays the ISPs and telcos a charge and you can’t afford to. Now Internet users will be able to access your competitor’s site and not yours.

What do you think of that?

Think the Republican Party is not now the party of corporate interests? Check out this map of Representitives who have voted for and againast this act:

When the Internet was developed in the 1960’s and 70’s, its biggest benefit, its best feature, was its utter neutrality. All information available democratically, unfettered, a bastion of freedom and liberty. Designed to be able to withstand nuclear war and natural disasters, the Internet was meant to be persistant freedom incarnate in electrons. Now the government wants to sell that away to corporate interests.Maybe democracy IS over. Maybe America as it was originally conceived by Franklin and Washington and Jefferson and Adams, is at an end. Maybe the future does belong to corporations and empirical governments. What with the erosion of civil liberties, the coming end of a free Internet, the government control of the media, military invasions and never-ending wars, maybe the world is changing into a hell for humanity and there’s no stopping it.

Well, if there’s any fight, and chance left:

Write your Representative