Grand Ole Party: The American Taliban

If you’re a pre-Reagan Republican, it’s time to either take back your party or form a new one. Because the current Republican Party has been completely coopted by the American Taliban.
Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy has a post today: Am I Partisan? When I’m Forced To Be. He mentions how being ignorant and anti-science (reality) does not necessarily follow party lines… but the Republican Party has gone further and further down the slope of dogmatic and delusional religious control of politics as an official Party platform. The Texas Republican Party has already advocated creationism, and now South Dakota Rep’ Party.


As Phil says, this is, aside from being ignorant and anti-reality, also non-Constitutional. Any political party endorsing creationism is nothing more than advocating religion, and one particular religion no less. There is absolutely no scientific basis or credibility to creationism and its entire existance as a “theory” (in the non-scientific theory meaning of the word) is based soley and entirely on a single religious belief.

Add to that, prez. bush’s coming veto of the stem cell bill. It’s an ideological stance based on a religious belief that is counter to the desires of 66% of the country he’s the supposed to represent. And it’s completely unreasonable and illogical. Thousands of unused 100-cell embryos are destroyed, unused during invitro fertilization processes, and this bill would use those blastocysts for stem cell research instead of just letting them be destroyed.

It’s a bi-partisan supported bill, and bush refused to meet with the Dem’ AND Republican sponsors of the bill. They asked to meet with him to explain the strict ethical limits included in the bill, and he refused. And instead, he’s making a stance that says he’d rather have embryos destroyed instead of being used to save thousands of lives.

“But there’s no proof that embryonic stem cells are better than adult stem cells in research,” these anti-science proponents say. Why is there little research on the effectiveness of embryonic stem cell research? Oh maybe because bush completely crippled embryonic stem cell research in it’s infancy in 2001. Cut funding and forced scientists to use barely useable existing strains for research.

The neo-con controlled Republican Party wants to destroy the government, pure and simple. No exageration. They have utter hostility toward government and so continue to allow incompetance, privatize portions that should not be privatized, assign people to positions who have no ability or have hatred for the subject they’re heading (see Bad Astonomy entries on appointee Deutsch and NASA, as well as the resumes of FEMA managers Brown and Albaugh, and Homeland Security Chertoff, just to name a few inappropriate appointees.) bush sets up rediculous programs like “No Child Left Behind” and then unfunds it as a way to show public school doesn’t work in order to dismantle it, tells NASA to get to Mars and then not only unfunds it but cuts NASA’s funding. Even though the Defense Department spends in one week the entire annual budget for NASA. Literally.
As a progressive libertarian I realize there are some things we NEED government for, and a LOT of things we do not need government involved in. But there’s a difference between small government run well and small government run incompetantly and corruptly and illegally. And this administration, the neo-cons in Congress, prove time and time again that they see government as a way to give power to the rich, create a greater gulf between the haves and have-nots in their creation of an oligarchy, eliminate the middle-class, get rid of science and knowledge and critical thinking so as to better manipulate the masses.

And it’s been going on slowly since the 80’s, but has exploded since bush illegally took the Presidency in 2000.

Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

Moderate Republicans, pre-Reagan Republicans, Republicans who do not resent science and reality and who do not want your Party controlled by robber-barron religious zealots who would love nothing better than to tear up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and rule with fascist fear-mongering and greed and corruption, take your Party back!

If you’re voting Republican this November, vote in new Republicans at least who better represent leaders of the country and not ideologues. People who are qualified to run a country, and not people who are better suited to running a Southern Baptist Church. The current government is really nothing better than a modernized and capitalist version of the Taliban. Get rid of them!