Vote for my Story? (sort of like MySpace, but a little more grown up and meant for writers and artists and essayists, etc, vs. for goths, emos, and angsty teens and predators of teens,) is running a short fiction/non-fiction competition where the winner gets to have their previously unpublished story put on Amazon Shorts–a place where people can read short stories for .49.

The site has been for known and previously published authors, so this Gather competition is nice for people who normally wouldn’t qualify. Like me! *grin*

So I submitted a story for the competition, and for a limited time people can read and rate it.

In the judging, viewer rating is only a part of the score that decides the winner, but any little bit helps.

Not that I have any chance of winning. The story, to be honest, isn’t that great. It’s one of my early ones and has only gone through a couple of drafts. But I thought hey, why not!

So, check it out, and if nothing else, maybe send me a comment on what you think of it.