Faster Than a Speeding Galaxy!

In keeping with an unintentional galactic theme of late, here’s a recent posting by the Bad Astronomer:

Wait A Sec, How Big Is The Universe Again?
Science is so cool! I have nothing more to say. =)

Well, except to say that my entire career dreams of either a molecular chemist or a professional astronomer was shot down when I realized I sucked at math. Why do I suck at math? I partly blame my mom’s smoking during pregnancy. Perhaps partly genetics as well. But there’s a heaping pile of my own responsibility for simply not applying myself enough in math from grade school on.

So I say to all you kids, stay in school and learn math! =) It’s the key to the future of humanity!

By the way, my daughter is 7 and a half, and she starting to grasp the concept of multiplication and can do single digit multiplication. So I’m going to say a) If my problems are genetic, it skips a generation, b) My wife must be responsible for that bit of chromosome, c) She rocks! =)

Back to the BA blog, a couple of quotes:

First, remember we’re arguing over details, and not the overall idea that the Universe is expanding. Any creationist who uses this as “evidence” that even scientists can’t agree on the Big Bang should be poked in the eye.


The Universe is pretty cool. It obeys a set of rules, and we can watch how it does so. Mysteries like this force us to pay better attention, and to rethink our ideas, our observations, and what we know. And from all that, the rules governing the entire Universe can be inferred. How amazing is that?

About the most amazing thing I can possibly imagine, in my opinion. =)

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