Suffering God

DebunkingChristianity has a post that reviews a recent debate regarding what the existence of suffering in the world means regarding the existence of (the Judeo-Christian idea of) god:
Weisberger Evaluates the Arguments in the Loftus-Wood Debate

[snippet:] The point Wood wants to make is that the claim about the abundance of evil outweighing the good needs substantiation in order for the argument from evil to succeed. But this is a factual issue that must rely on some type of quantification, both in the amount and quality of suffering versus incidents of pleasure in the world. And who is willing to make the case that the joy of an American child receiving a Playstation 3 for Christmas outweighs the excruciating pain a North Korean child experiences while suffering from starvation?

Ah, I’m not going to comment on it. It’s just a good read.