The Soul and Dealing with Death

An good little post on Agnostic Mom today:
Regarding The Soul
(Poor woman–her really cool blog appearance keeps going away and defaulting to the plain one.)
She comments on an interview with Dale McGowan, editor of Parenting Beyond Belief, where he describes the soul as:

Whatever sense of self and personal identity we have springs entirely from the constantly recomposed electrochemical symphony playing in our heads. Some find that horrifying; I find it utterly amazing. And asking where our “self” goes when that electrochemical symphony stops playing is just like asking where the music goes when an orchestra stops playing.

Wow, nice!
And I so totally agree. I am amazed and in awe of the brain and how it works and creates consciousness and
She has an article on the Institute for Humanist Studies: Agnostic Mom: The End, As We Know It where she discusses how Christianity focuses so much on death and after, Jews and Humanists focus on this life, and how does one discuss the issue of death with children?
It’s a really touching article.