Video Sci-Fi Podcast: Fascinating!

The Slice of SciFi podcast had an interview last week with the creator of a new video podcast that’s really interesting:
Stranger Things
It’s an amateur project with an incredibly professional feel. Filmed in HDTV, it’s meant to be a “Twilight Zone” or “Outer Limits” for today, focusing on stories of speculative fiction like sci-fi, supernatural, horror.

Good for them, for creating quality content available to anyone, done out of their love for the topic and craft.
Check it out.

Oh, shouldn’t have to be said but I often discover it actually does: you do NOT need an iPod to play podcasts, visual nor audio. 99.9% of podcasts are MP3 files, playable on anything including your PC. the M4A’s that video podcasts are saved us require Quicktime, I believe. (I use MediaPlayer in Linux and I just had to install a bunch of video codecs, so I’m not sure which one plays M4A’s.)