Final note on gun control.

Well, unless something else comes up, I’m going to wrap up my one-sided discourse on gun control and the need for the right for self-defense.
I’ve already written about all I could think of here:
Massacre in a Gun-Free Zone
Armed Resistance
The facts about gun-control
However, I actually recommend, if you’re pressed for time and would prefer better writing, that you do not read those and instead, read the articles on this blog:
A quick index to our articles on guns, gun control and gun free zones.
It includes a letter from a Virginia Tech student who can legally carry a concealed weapon in the state of Virginia and many other states, but would be considered a criminal if he had carried it onto campus property for the purpose of defense.
An incredible story about the increase of police states and yet the decrease of actual security under these conditions.
Articles on the facts and figures, not just anecdotes and feel-good opinions, on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of gun control and rising crime.
And another post on the same blog that must not be missed!
The failure of the state and national tragedies.
Wow. If you must read only one blog entry, read that one!
It deals with the absurdity of relying on the State to provide your personal security and rescue you from harm when the best the State can do is create bureaucracies and enforce a police state that does no one any good except the State. He includes some very compelling situations, like this one:

Government is very good a waiting when situations are dangerous. I lived in San Francisco during the “big one” (1989 not 1906). When the Cypress viaduct of Interstate Highway 880 pancaked, trapping dozens of people and killing many, the government set up a perimeter and sat there debating what to do. People were dying and bureaucrats were discussing the costs and benefits of saving them. Private citizens were rescuing people, bureaucrats were having donuts and coffee and debating the issue.

The residents of the impoverished neighborhood surrounding the viaduct improvised ladders and climbed up to the trapped people. One by one they saved lives. The professionals turned up and halted this sort of “vigilante” rescues. They ordered the people to go home and let them “do their job” and then they did nothing! Angry residents sneaked around to the other side of the highway and continued their rescues surreptitiously.

I really can’t possibly bleet on any more about this topic. Please read The failure of the state and national tragedies. It will really make you think! (If you’re not adverse to thinking, that is)