They were BOTH framed.

This is my penultimate religious post. Meaning, I have one last post in the works that deals with religion, after which, I hope to stop outright and focus on other areas of interest.

Not long ago I posted a link to John Loftus’ postings on the problem of evil, and how “evil” in the world disproves the existence of the Christian god. (Or any loving, caring, merciful, involved god.) Here: Suffering God, here: God is a Bad Parent and Pet Owner, and here: Extent of Suffering In Our World Makes the Existence of God Implausible.
He continues this theme with his latest post:
<> The Fall of Adam Is No Answer to the Problem of Evil

He makes some very compelling, logical, intelligent arguments against the validity of the concept of original sin and an Original Fall being an explanation for “evil” in the world. It’s also a good summary of many of the overarching arguments against the existence of a loving and fatherly god and the world that exists.