Some bloggy stuff.

My blog tends to exist in this hazy middle-ground between pointless drivel and high-minded op-ed.
(Let’s be honest: it’s all drivel and there’s nothing here that can be confused with “high-minded.”)
What I mean is, nearly every time I post, it’s something that’s 500 words long and attempts to pontificate on some important subject, whether politics or religion or social awareness. I’ve been toying with the idea of having two blogs–one for the quasi-intellectual rants and one for just pointless personal stuff.
But, I realize, I have a lot of odd Internet service accounts all over the place. If I add one more Web 2.0 thingie, will it just get lost in the flotsam and jetsam of my e-interests? I think have about 5 online radio accounts and 10 unused free e-mail addresses (did I think I’d ever use and have signed up on many profile pages but have never bothered to set up any info.

Here’s a few that I do actually pay some attention to:

  • Facebook profile
  • radio profile (I’ve added a widget up there on the side that shows what music I’ve been listening to. Kinda cool.)
  • MySpace I rarely check (I irked off this former co-worker who once asked me if I was on MySpace–I said, “No, I’m neither an emo teen nor a pedophile.”)

I know I have a Blogger account and LiveJournal, and some other accounts, and they can be pretty cool. Some interesting features, so long as you can get an ad-free account. But, nothing quite beats developing your own blog space with the help of a WordPress template and making whatever changes and adjustments you want by editing the scripting yourself.

So do I want to try to separate the blog into one where I try to only include those serious and important issues as I strive to become more journalistic and professional and critical in my writing, and another where I can randomly say “I’m listening to a lot of The Tea Party right now” or “boy ‘Rome’ was a good show,” or do I continue to put it all in one blog and deal with the random bouncing between trivial tripe and serious analysis?

I shall think on this.