1984 is only minutes away.

Surveillance milestones
The ACLU has set a “Doomsday Clock” for the coming Surveillance State:

Surveillance Society Clock

I would have to think that Britain is closer to Midnight than the U.S., though: UK is a surveillance society. Lest you think the Surveillance Society is going to be completely at the hands of the government, the culture of surveillance is also coming about through the efforts of corporations filling the needs of people and employers and communities and places of employment etc etc, by providing cameras, sound recording, RFID tracking, Internet traffic monitoring equipment to anyone with the bucks and the interest in keeping an eye on someone else.

But of course the biggest villain is the government. The Democratic Congress recently gave King George (and presumably all succeeding Presidents) the official rubber stamp to spy on U.S. citizens without a court order. They’re failing to pursue the charges that telco companies like AT&T turned over private information on all its subscribers to the NSA. And then I just read this bit of fun info from The National Science Foundation:

Scientists Use the “Dark Web” to Snag Extremists and Terrorists Online

One of the tools developed by Dark Web is a technique called Writeprint, which automatically extracts thousands of multilingual, structural, and semantic features to determine who is creating ‘anonymous’ content online. Writeprint can look at a posting on an online bulletin board, for example, and compare it with writings found elsewhere on the Internet. By analyzing these certain features, it can determine with more than 95 percent accuracy if the author has produced other content in the past. The system can then alert analysts when the same author produces new content, as well as where on the Internet the content is being copied, linked to or discussed.

Does anyone for a second think they’re limiting this activity to just “terrorists”? Just like the warrantless wiretaps only affected terrorists (Federal Court Finds NSA Eavesdropping Program Unconstitutional ), and the detainment of civilians in secret prisons have all been terrorists (Erroneous rendition), and all the people on no-fly lists are only terrorists….(Terrorism Watch List Is Faulted For Errors, Professor who criticized Bush told added to terrorist ‘no-fly’ list, Peace groups under watch)

Yep, our government has only our best interests in mind and would never misuse their power.