As the world turns.

Been really busy lately, so I haven’t blooged much of late. In quick news, I’ve been having a discussion online regarding anarchism, socialism, and capitalism which I’ll share here later, and I’m thinking of applying for a job with MoveOn. Anyway…
I came across this blog the other day:
an interesting blog in its own right, and so is her LiveJournal page.
But as I was looking at her site, I noticed the image of the forest at the top later in the afternoon and was pretty certain it was more daylight earlier in the day. I felt certain of it. (See past blog entries on how our brain plays tricks on us and our too often certainty is too often incorrect.) I was certain her top page image was changing lighting as the day went on. While I would later realize that wasn’t happing at all, I thought that was a really cool idea.

So I wrote a script into my blog that changes my top blog image throughout the day. Every 4 hours it gets lighter or darker depending on the time of day. It’s kind of subtle, but I think kind of cool.
But I really love the idea of doing it with an image instead of just some silly swash of color. Once I find the image I like, I’m going to get all Photoshoppy on it and made it change daylight throughout the day…and even seasons throughout the months! Oh that rocks. =)