Good news/bad news re: the Intertubenets.

First the good news:

Judge strikes down part of Patriot Act
U.S. District Court Judge has determined that it was unconstitutional for the Justice Department to demand an Internet Service Provider to hand over private records without a court order. Well, now the FBI needs court orders to get your private info from the ISP.
Oh, but note, this doesn’t stop the gubberment from eavesdropping on Internet traffic, though.

For the bad news:

Justice Dept. against ‘Net neutrality’
In a pro-corporate interests move, the Justice Department has told the FCC that Net Neutrality is a hindrance to development, and companies should be allowed to impose higher rates for whatever data traffic they think should be worth more, and limit the availability to sites that may be against their corporate interests.

If that isn’t an example of how the federal government is in the pockets of the corporations, when you have “The People’s Lawyer” express preferential treatment of the corporations on a medium that was designed to be truly democratic and unregulated, I don’t know what is.
(More on Net Neutrality here.)