Conservatives hate kids.

Oh sure, you’d think they loved kids, with all their Pro-Life rhetoric and “proud parent” stickers on their SUVs. But when you really look into what Republicans vote for, where their actions mean more than their words, you’ll find Conservatives (especially Conservative politicians) hate children.

King George has used his veto power only four times so far. Not at all his first term. So when a president says “no” so incredibly rarely, you can see pretty easily what’s important to him. He’s vetoed stem cell research twice, a bill that would proclaim that the Iraq war would end…sometime, and this week, a bill that would extend federal medical insurance for children of families that don’t qualify for other programs like Medicare because they earn a whopping 2 or 3 times the poverty line income. Whew! Those are some rich families, earning $20 to $30,000 a year.

Republican Politicians such as King George and the Congressmen and women think the government should care about children only so long as they’re unborn or a couple of cells attached to the uterine wall. But once you’re born, you’re on your own, man! Well funded schools with quality teachers and materials? Screw that. Make enough money to send your kids to private schools. Appropriate healthcare for children including check-ups and preventative medicine? Heck no. If you can’t afford to pay for health care out of pocket, just wait until you have to use an emergency room. (Which is exactly what King George suggested this week as he explained why he vetoed the child health care extension bill. The poor and low income families already have free health care, he said, they can use the emergency rooms for free, he reminded us.)

Oh wait, Republicans and conservative DO care about kids after they’re born, in one way: once they’re 18 and can serve in the military, then they care–only as much as they can send them to fight and die for them for oil. But once they’re back home, wounded, it’s back to screw them. The VA health system is *gasp* socialized medicine! Can’t have that. They gut the system, privatize it, defund the rest of it, and so the teens and young adults coming home wounded after fighting for their illegal and immoral war for oil, get little to no care–unless they can pay for it of course. And that’s all that matters to conservative Republicans (which is nearly all Republicans), the government should be involved in the uterus (and the bedroom in general, legislating sexual behavior, sexuality), but doesn’t give a crap about you otherwise unless you can be a body to be thrown into war.