Human value, the definition of “happiness,” over-population, and dominionism vs. stewardship.

Goodness, what a topic!
Yesterday’s Thom Hartmann program had a fantastic segment on overpopulation–is it an ecological and human-race-survival issue or is it a theological non-issue.

Yesterday’s Thom Hartmann program
(You’ll might want to right-click, save-as instead of stream it; it’s 19MB.)

Well, that’s later in the show. For the first 10 minutes he discusses the topic of Darwinian evolution and Intelligent Design with an ID’er who’s just written a book, then he takes callers for the next 25 minutes. That’s all interesting in its own right. The issue of over-population, the issue of whether or not the planet is our domain for us to use wantonly or if we have responsibilities to it, starts at about 36 minutes in and goes until about the 53 minute mark. What was most interesting to me was at about 42 minutes in, they start discussing socialist vs. objectavist socio-politics. The cost of human labor. The price of exploitation of labor and who really benefits from it. About “freedom” and what it means in relation to happiness.

Anyway, give it a listen; good stuff.
UPDATE: Oops. Forgot to mention, on that page that goes to the Thom Hartmann archive page, you’ll need to select the show for 11 Dec 2007. Either stream from there or download the MP3.