Up against the wall (, put ’em…)

My final verdict on Ashcroft: this is what Hannah Arendt meant by “the banality of evil.”  He seems like a normal guy (albeit one with some real anger issues), and yet…well, I don’t need to finish that sentence.

This is from a contributor to the Daily KOS blog, referring to a speech given by John Ashcroft at a college where he answered (and dodged) questions regarding his role in the same kinds of torture in which Japanese soldiers were convicted in U.S. tribunals for war crimes against humanity.

♦ John Ashcroft Yelled at Me Tonight. No Joke. (K.O.’S “WORSE PERSON IN THE WORLD”!)

Read as Ashcroft uses every dirty trick in the book to try to avoid admitting his role in torture or even what torture is–despite the documented evidence of it right in front of his.

When will these people be tried for their crimes?