The need for proper sex education!

One of the benefits is to keep from being victimized by blatantly malicious and intentionally dishonest misinformation propaganda, like the kind profiles in this post:

♦ The Pill Kills OMG!

It’s a reaction to an article on Reproductive Health Reality Check site about pro-life groups protesting contraceptive, using, among others, the tactic of lying about the efficacy and health risks of oral contraception:

♦  ‘Pro-Lifers’ Plan National Protest of Contraception

What kills me is the horrible, unthinking, unreasoned hypocrisies of these people. They will lie and deceive in order to promote their ideology of “truth.” To them, a clump of cells without a mind, without personhood, without a chance of being a viable living creature were it to be removed from the womb, is more important to them than actual living people. Who cares if famine and disease horribly kill millions, contraception is against God’s Plan! Wars, crime, abusive and neglectful parents, none of this is more important than making sure more and more humans get born–because that’s God’s Plan!

Well, here’s a question for you: Are you saying that God’s Almighty Plan can be thwarted and derailed so thoroughly by mere humans? What does that say about the omnipotent omniscience of His Plan?

The Sex is Fun podcast has recently completed a series of episodes on good, informative sex education. A really good few episodes that details how important the right information is in reducing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs. And how dangerous and unrealistic abstinence-only “education” is. The hosts wondered once or twice in an episode, why fundamentalist Christians adhere to abstinence-only when it’s statistically proven not to work, why they protest the HPV vaccine for teenage girls. They lament, don’t these people understand sex education will stem the rise in disease? Will prevent unwanted pregnancies? They don’t understand the mindset: To the fundamentalist Christian, if you fornicate, you get what you deserve. It’s God’s Will that you get an STI, or cervical cancer. It’s God’s Will that you have a child that is a burden to your ability to properly care for. It’s your punishment for for-ni-ca-t’n! They literally, completely, totally don’t care one whit about stemming disease or teen pregnancies.

I am so damn sick of living in America. It just never ends:
♦ Just in case you though Florida was part of the 21st century

…about a teacher in Florida dismissed for practicing “wizardry.” Lest you think we’re talking about New Age hermetic quasi-Wiccan magic rituals or something, the “wizardry” in question was a magic trick involving a toothpick.