Airline pilots are a security risk; ban ’em!

BoingBoing has an article today that is just filled with absurd terrifying/funniness that’s right out of the movie Brazil:

The entire Salon article is filled with sad and hilarious humor (really, “surreal absurdity” is just the best phrase for it), but the snippet provided is enough to make you shake your head in both disgust and glee (this kind of cognitive dissonance must have a Newspeak term for it. That’d be doubleplusgood!)

Some good stuff is found in the comment, though. Like this ROTFL quip from commentor #2:

I mean, if the pilot is allowed to bring a knife onboard, he might somehow get control of the plane!

On a serious note is this astute observation from #23:

OK, here’s the problem, years ago the corporations… I mean uh… people who run this country decided that they should fund education just enough to turn out people who can blindly regurgitate simple sets of knowledge and can perform tasks without questioning them. In other words, with complete absence of free thought. Now we are beholden to this army of idiots to run our lives. This is the end, people. Time to jump ship.

Followed up by another cute quip from #25:

jump ship? The IRS doesn’t permit that.

And because I’m a huge Philip K. Dick fan, I have to repeat this comment from commentor #12:

Whenever I hear stories like this, I’m always reminded of this line from the first chapter of VALIS by Philip K. Dick:

“[Fat] heard in her rational tone the harp of nihilism, the twang of the void. He was not dealing with a person; he had a reflex-arc thing at the other end of the phone line.”

the pilot couldn’t even get the TSA robot to share a bit of humanity in observing the absurdity of the situation —
“It’s not a dumb rule.”

Reflex-arc thing indeed.