Exemplification of “the machine”.

This news item:

I have no comment of my own that could add to the story itself. I’ll just post what some others have said:


…You know, one day everyone’s going to finally get tired of hire-a-cops, and it’ll be *them* put up against the wall before the lawyers.


Victor Trac:

The terrorists win again. I bet they didn’t expect to be /this/ successful when planning 9/11.

DW Funk:

It’s just incredible that someone, at some point, witnessed Ng’s ordeal and thought, “this is the right thing to do.” Was it neglect? Was it due to poor training and a culture of fear, or sadism in uniform?

How could anyone allow something like that to happen? It’s disgusting.


Call your representatives. Call them and demand reform.

Yeah, that’ll really show ’em!

People, we’re way beyond “working within the system for positive change.” You have to have a functional system for that to be possible, and the US is not the shining beacon of democracy you think it is. (Was it ever?)

Lauren O:

The saddest part of this is that no one who read the story was surprised.

Yet another reason never to go to the US: after they copy the contents of my laptop and phone, they post a letter to the wrong address, lock me up and watch me die.


> he no longer received painkillers,
> because he could not stand in line to collect them.

This sounds like one of the pervert things my Grandparent’s generation did in Germany.

“Of course you can have painkillers, just line up there! You can’t walk anymore? Well, I’m afraid, you will have to pick up you medication yourself, it’s the law.”

This is exactly the inhumanity small people in Germany showed while hiding behind buerocracy.

I cannot imagine how desperate he was, being stuck in the bad dream of Kafka the US has become, always hoping to wake up.