Many layers of stupidity regarding security and greed.

Not long ago I posted an article, “On the issue of privacy and protecting civil liberties“. Since then I’ve heard Cory Doctorow discuss more frequently how the underlying problem with the loss of personal data and thus a real threat to our lives (and livelihoods) goes beyond the loss of collected data into the wrong hands–but the gross collection of the data in the first place! A government or private sector company can’t harm you by losing something if it doesn’t have it in the first place.

In one of the latest examples of a lost laptop compromising the identities of thousands, (see my post “Welcome to Amerika, please give us all your most private information” for more examples of governmental error and incompetence resulting in risk to thousands, even millions in some cases), a private company seeing an opportunity to make millions off the chaos and bad will the TSA has created with their ridiculous, worthless, ineffectual, and draconian airport security checkpoints, created a program that would allow people to use the infallible power of money (which the terrahists must not have) to skip the long TSA lines for an express lane.

It seems a company laptop…an unencrypted company laptop (see that “On the issue…” post for info on how inexcusable it is to not have active encryption considering how easy and important it is) has gone missing putting at risk private information of tens of thousands of program applicants.

So, an ineffectual government security group (the TSA) does such a piss-poor job that it opens up a business opportunity for a security company to charge for the pleasure of not having to deal with the TSA. This company evidently has no concept of data security and puts its potential customers at risk of having their lives turned upside down. There’s irony in there somewhere I’m sure.