Navarrette’s a tool.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. is almost as big a tool as Glenn Beck–although it takes a lot to be as big of a tool as Beck.

Ruben posted a commentary on Commentary: Obama’s confusing blend of left-right economics in which he whines about not understanding Obama’s message that just as each of us need to work to help ourselves, we have the responsibility as fellow humans in a society to help each other as well. Ruben can’t seem to wrap his mind around the idea that the idea that “everyone can lift themselves up by the bootstraps” is bullcrap. Oh sure, people can and have risen from nothing to riches on their own–but it’s usually at the expense of and by stepping on the backs of other people. That kind of “bootstrap” selfishness is fine if you live out in the wild west frontier, but doesn’t work in our web of social interaction in which the welfare of my neighbors affect my own and vise versa.

Ruben has the idiotic blindness to throw a token complain at Bush and then later spew this ridiculousness:

I can’t remember the last time I saw government do something right. … Case in point: On this third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, there are people in New Orleans who are still waiting for the federal government to rebuild that city…

He’s completely fallen for the Republican con job! Break the government and then get people to vote for you by complaining about broken government! That’s chutzpah! The Bush administration and the neo-cons have systematically broken the U.S. government by privatizing everything not nailed down and putting loyalist lackeys completely incompetent for their jobs in charge of the hen houses. Then when things like Katrina happens and the people they put in charge of programs they broke fail to do any good or even make things worse, they turn around and say “See how broken government is?! Vote for us, the small government party!” God! It’s obvious! It astounds me when people can’t see it.

Then Ruben has the bold faced audacity to claim:

The same goes for the Democrats who convened in Denver. This is a party that maintains power by trying to convince people that our country is a dark place, devoid of opportunities, and that the answer is to elect more of them.

Now they’re seeking a change in the White House, a change in policy, and a change in national priorities –even if they aren’t ready to change their tune.

OK, that’s just utter B.S. Period. Anyone who actually listens to Obama, Biden, Wexler, Kennedy, even Clinton, anyone who has been speaking for the last week in favor of Obama has speaking almost entirely of our promise as a nation. Of the fight and vigor of the American people. Of the, get this… CHANGE (sound familiar?) that is needed to get this broken government that is breaking the people back on track to prosperity and hope!

Ruben Navarrette Jr. is an effin’ tool.