What they don’t teach in Sunday School.

(Or at all, really. I had to finally read the Bible myself to learn about these religious atrocities.)

Friendly Atheist features a review and some illustrations from the book Illustrated Stories from the Bible (that they won’t tell you in Sunday School) by Paul Farrell:

It’s one thing to hear about or read about Judeo-Christian god’s psychopathic blood lust and sociopathic amoral personality, but it puts it in a whole new light when you see it illustrated.

Hemant goes easy on Christians by acknowledging there’s a lot of “good stuff” in the Bible as well. And there are. But one has to ask, at what point does one’s belief that a book is holy and the intended Word of God become strained knowing that the divinely ordained horrors within outweigh the good? I can think of a great many more books that have a much higher ratio of “good” to “horrifically disgusting”–why aren’t they revered and worshiped and followed as instruction books to live one’s life by?

At what point is a person forced to reevaluate the book they put on a pedestal (sometimes literally) and realize this is no book worthy of such reverence. When is a book so riddled with cherry-picking that it’s no longer a viable and valid as a tool for worldly or even spiritual guidance?

I’m seriously asking here.