One of the stories mentioned in yesterday’s blog post on the police unlawfully raiding peaceful protestor organizations, homes of liberal organizers not even planning to protest, and confiscating computers and cameras (the dangerous weapons of the press and free public who watch the watchers), was the arrest of Democracy Now! producers and reporter:

Some bits of information that I didn’t see included in that article but has been detailed by Amy Goodman and witnesses elsewhere: the so-called riot (peaceful protest) was quelled and Sharif and Nicole were already accosted, battered, and cuffed, by the time Amy Goodman (who was interviewing Alaskan delegates inside the convention) got word that her producers were arrested. She rushed to the location to find out what was going on, and when (with security pass and press credentials clearly displayed) she explained she was press and demanded that her producers (who also clearly had convention press credentials displayed) be released–she too was accosted and cuffed and arrested.

At some point Secret Service agents came around and confiscated the security credentials of the held press employees.

At the Republican convention in New York in 2004 the police arrested over 1800 people and subsequently dropped the charges on most of them. The word ’bout town is that they willingly sucked up the millions of dollars in wrongful arrest suits they ended up paying in order to silence and intimidate would-be protestors and evil trouble-makers. Word ’bout Minneapolis/St. Paul is that they too are willing to suck it up in order to establish police state control over democracy. (Although there are reports of grumblings among the police who take umbrage at the fact that, like in New York four years ago, they’re being directed in these raids and sweeping arrests of press by federal agents–the presence of which can be clearly seen in many photos and videos being taken of raids and arrests.)

One of the organizations in pre-conventions raid mentioned in yesterday’s blog, was I-Witness. I didn’t know it yesterday that they were responsible for many of the dropped charges in New York four years ago because their reporter’s video clearly showed New York evidence against “conspirators” and “rioters” having been doctored and edited!

I ranted too much on it yesterday, so I’ll be brief when I reiterate here that we’ve lost control of our government. We were never meant to be controlled by the government which was intended to BE us, we the people. The government was not supposed to watch us, corral us, intimidate us. It was always supposed to be the other way around as the government was government only by the will and consent of the governed.

“When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear their government, there is tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

Democracy has lost, the American experiment has failed. Is there any hope of the people regaining control?