It’s not a 1st and 4th Amendment violation if we say “whoopsie!”.

You’ll recall my post during the Republican National Convention in which I relayed news that not only were legitimate criminals being rounded up before the RNC commenced, but so were peace activists and protestors, civil liberties activists, government watchdog groups…and evil journalists. Many were raided and harassed and intimidated into submission and property was seized (most without warrants), and many were arrested. I repeated the facts on how in 2004 the same thing happened before and during the GOP convention in New York and how the NYPD dropped charges on most of those arrests as well (most out of hand, some because one of those watchdog groups harassed this year had produced video evidence showing the state’s evidence was doctored!) And word is that the NYPD accepted the fact that they’d have to pay out millions in resulting civil cases in exchange for helping the federal overlords establish a police state bastion around the RNC.

Well, looks like the St. Paul authorities just released the journalists it had arrested this year, dropping all charges.

Good, I’m glad they’re released. But they shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place in a grossly transparent display of abusive police force as a tool of intimidation on behalf of a political agenda. But, maybe that’s just me. I’m sure it will happen yet again and even moreso in four years (although, I’m pretty certain that if McCain/Palin win this November, the U.S. will be under martial law this time in 2012. I’m taking bets on it.