McCain fails mainly on Spain.

Quick post: Apparently the presidential candidate who’s major platform is that he’s the experienced and knowledgeable foreign policy guy and Obama’s the young and inexperienced guy, doesn’t know what hemisphere Spain is in or at least who the Prime Minister of it is.

The Spanish journalist asks him three times if he’d meet with the Prime Minister of Spain, and each time McCain gives some canned statement about relations with Latin America and meeting with allies and “standing up” to those who aren’t. Three times the journalist gave him the opportunity to say “sure, I’d meet with our NATO ally whom we are friendly with” and each time McCain gave a rote memorized response about being tough on those who aren’t our friends…and how we’re friendly with Mexico.

When you read the transcript of the exchange it’s really like McCain’s brain is going:

  • !Question received. Analyzing….
  • Something about Spanish-something or other and meeting people.
  • Keyword search: Spanish, meet people
  • Response(s) found: Running archived file: “Meet with Latin American Friends–Hate Enemies”
  • !Question received. Analyzing…
  • Same question–something about Spanish and leaders
  • Running archived file: “Drug War Going Well–Hate Enemies”

etc. This is the guy who early in the Iraq war wanted to shoot looters in the cities, and even the White House, the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield White House, had to tell McCain “Uhm, no?” This is The Foreign Policy Guy?? Not to mention this stupid stance on meeting with friends and “standing up” to enemies. You want to meet with just leaders friendly to you? Ooh, congrats on your bravery and statesmanship! Isn’t it possible, just maybe, that if you were to meet with the leader of a country we’re not exactly friendly with, you have some kind of chance of improving relations? Isn’t that part of the job of the representative “leader” of a democratic country, to negotiate and create diplomacy with leaders unfriendly to the U.S.?

Oh wait, all the neo-cons and the war-mongers who have kissed the neo-con ring can think to do with any conflict is “shoot the bastards!”

And yet, while Obama may have taken back a slim lead, the polls still show a nearly dead heat with McCain in good shape to have an electorial win. What the hell is wrong with this country?!