Offshore drilling–a forgotten yet most important reminder.

Alex Palazzo has a brief blog post with pretty charts letting us know how next to inconsequential opening up offshore drilling would be to U.S. gas prices and economy (although it would be a huge boon to the oil lobbyists working in the McCain campaign and the oil companies they lobby for)

But here’s bit of info that gets almost completely lost in the debate but is as an exceedingly vital component in how strongly we want to make oil drilling a component in who to vote for–and especially where we shoud be butting our tax money:

When the offshore oil fields are opened up, who’s going to go drill it? Is it the U.S. Army? The National Guard? Citizen volunteers? Noooo…. it’s multi-national oil companies. And what will they do with that oil? Will they barrel it up and hand it over to the Governor of Texas with a red bow? Noooo…. They sell it on the international commodities market.

In short, “our oil just sitting off our shores” is not our oil. It’s Shell and Exxon-Mobil’s oil. And it’s a decent bet that very little (and possibly none of it) would go to U.S. refineries to make its way into U.S. gas pumps. Just keep that in mind, McCain voter, next time you want to shout “drill drill drill!” and scoff at U.S. based wind and solar farms.

Side but related note: I’m pleased to have recently learned that Obama is not entirely against increased nulcear energy production! Yea!