Basking in a God’s love induced coma.

Saw this news report tonight:

In brief, a pastor was visciously, brutally beaten (oh, and robbed) by two men with no provocation, in a cowardly, disgusting act of human cruelty.

That alone is tragic. The tragedy is compounded by this comment:

“By yesterday afternoon, the bleeding had stopped. And there’s no brain damage,” said Mendy. “And so we’re rejoicing today in a God that loves us and cares about the details.”

The weird, twisted, sado-masochistic rationalization of this religious delusion astounds me. A man is senslessly beaten, in horrible pain, and people praise God’s love and mercy?? “Praise God for allowing wretched me to live!” I’m serious, faithful believers act just like long-term spouse abuse victims–defending their abuser, making excuses for him, blaming themselves for the abuse they receive.

But, what can you do with such blatant cognitive dissonance? You’re believing in a “God of love and mercy” that’s supposed to be all powerful, all knowing, and all loving–and yet the world is filled with senseless violence and death and misery and cruelty. The deluded human mind has to create conveluted excuses and strange rationalizations if it’s going to try to hold onto two conflicting and mutually-exclusive concepts at the same time.

People living lives of delusion and self-deception makes me almost as sad as their being victims of human creulty.