Gangland thuggary.

Am I talking about the Crips and the Bloods? Nope. A better armed, better funded gang but with all the bravado, arrogance, power-lust, of any street gang.

Posted on BoingBoing: 15-year-old girl beaten by sheriff’s deputy

You tell me, “lippy” shoe-kicking disrespect or no, does a teenage girl need to be body-slammed, punched in the head, and dragged off by her hair? Imagine what kind of behavior doesn’t get caught on camera.

Attorney for the sheriff’s department:

“As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy’s right to a fair trial.”

Pfft! I wish! The public never gets inflamed! The closest they did was for a week after a BART cop murdered a guy in public view

Classically Liberal does a good job blogging about the culture of violence and brutality and above-the-law mentality of the state-sponsored Blue Shirts.

Update: After I posted this, Classically Liberal made his own post with some interesting background info:

The police report filed by Schene and his fellow officer claimed that the shoe caused “bruising, bleeding and pain” which I suspect is just more police bullshit. What is worse is that Schene was a “field-training officer” teaching the other deputy how to act like a cop. At the moment Schene has been put on paid vacation—they call it “suspended with full pay”. The world is filled with billions of people who would like to be “suspended with full pay.”

The reality is that cops often think they have the right to act this way and that they are above the law. One of the great problems with policing is that individuals attracted to the job are often prone to visions of grandeur, authoritarian in nature, and love violence. It is the authority and right to act violently that they find attractive. In other words many of them are psychologically unfit for the job.

That fellow officer, by the way, is the guy who can be seen in the video as possibly gesturing to Schene to stop pummeling the girl. WHich might give someone the impression that he might do the right thing and report on the unfit and violent cop–giving hope that maybe a “good” cop will help get rid of the oh-so-rare minority of “bad” cops. But no. Cops protect their own no matter what the crime. Just like street gangs. There are no “good” cops when they protect the bad ones.

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