Can they GET any more pathetic, in both senses of the word?

Continuing my surge of quick, browser-tab cleaning posts…. (and thesis work procrastinating…)

BoingBoing (yeah, love that site…too bad I’m still banned) recently posted an article about this video:

Fake People Tell Fake Stories About The Threat Of Gay Marriage

Seriously? Get a load of how over-wrought and concerned these actors (yes, actors) are in their description of how the evil tentacles of the Gay Agenda are threatening to take away the rights of oh-so-tolerant Christian fundamentalist who only want to protect the Sanctity of Marriage®. Gahkh!

Meanwhile, the extremely faithful and religious “Quiverful” Christians have probably a better understanding of the traditions of marriage than anyone today (no irony). To them, marriage is nothing more a means of moving property (including the wimins) from one man to another, and to procreate herds. Friendly Atheist has been reporting on recent reporting on these faithful keepers of the traditions of marriage:

Scary Excerpt from Quiverfull: Part 2

“I never told her ‘I love you,’ and I never told her she was beautiful,” explains Peter, “two things that I thought would insert an emotional flutter, an emotional element. I wanted to withhold before I made a commitment.”

and from another excerpt:

When godly people stop having children, we are wasting the godly seed. So today, we are facing a very, very serious threat: the threat of Islam. They are outnumbering us seven to one. And there’s eight million Islamics here in America. When you think of Osama Bin Laden, he is one of fifty-three children. He has twenty-seven himself. So between him and his father, they’ve fathered eighty children. What about his fifty-two brothers and sisters? How many have they fathered? Say they’ve only fathered or mothered twenty each — less than him — but in the thousands when you think of their grandchildren, who would now be having children today.

When I talk to parents today and ask how many grandchildren they have, they tell me, “Oh, we have two! Isn’t it wonderful?” “Two?” Is that going to impact the world? Two? When you get someone like, say, Osama Bin Laden, for example, he’s just representative of so many Islamics, well, you see how they’re populating.

Now that’s the kind of sanctified traditional outlook of marriage that makes my marriage stronger! Not that evil gay marriage that’s only about love and devotion–hat’s the kind of marriage that threatens mine. (Now you can read irony.)

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