Writing angst.

Been really ignoring my blog lately. Now that the iPhone has the supercrazymechahappyfun copy-n-paste, I’ve been doing most of my “hey, look at this neato-keen link” on Facebook. Well, I’ve a slew of Web pages I want to comment on queued up in Instapaper I may get to tonight.

In the meantime, I’m WAY behind schedule in my “necessary” writing. I still haven’t finished the last couple of chapters in my novel/thesis’s first draft and I need it done by mid-July if I’m going to be able to do a rough edit and polish on it before the semester starts. Plus, the article I submitted to the JFA, after a LONG process of editing, was politely turned down in the jury process. I have some semi-significant editing to do on that.

Being turned down is oddly a bitter-sweet event. On the sucky side: I got turned down! Hella suxorz. However, it also reminds me of the benefits of peer-reviewed scholarship. The JFA strives to accept only articles that meet a certain standard of quality and viability–this is a great thing! It helps assure me that the articles I read in the journal have gone through similar critique and the useless and poorly written articles have been weeded out. Which also means that when mine gets accepted, I know it’s really worthy.

Although, it should be said that quality isn’t a scholarly journal’s only benchmark. Some have ideological firewalls which block some works. For example: my mentor, Dr. Burling (RIP) informed me that while Science Fiction Studies is considered the premiere scholarly journal for speculative fiction studies (and I generally agree), they currently have a highly feminist agenda (NOT a bad thing!) which ironically results in their dislike of Marxist criticism. (Ironic because feminist criticism owes it’s existence to Marxist criticism.)

So, when I’m ready to try to publish some scholarship that uses a feminist critical therory (which I do have plans for), they’ll be the first journal I turn to. For all my Marxist work, JFA or Extrapolation get the first shot.

Oh, and The Pocket Review! They’re a new, non-peer reviewed journal that works with both fiction (literary, mainly) and non, that I’m really wanting to work with. I know the people behind it and I really hope it takes off. I’d like to be connected to it become a regular contributor. But…I’m trying to count my irons in the fire and I’m losing count. 🙁