No more morning wakemeups.

Ugh! What a nagging headache.
I’ve been off caffeine for 36 hours now. Not that I was a big caffeine drinker in the first place — I would have an energy drink, like a diet NoFear or a SoBe Energy (Lean) in the morning, and sometimes a can of diet Coke in the afternoon, and then for the rest of the day it’s flavored waters or diet PowerAides. But, it’s enough.

I listened to neurologist Dr. Steven Novella on a recent Skeptic’s Gude to the Universe podcast talk about how caffeine works and the tolarance buildup, and how invariably ANY caffeine usage will lead to caffeine headaches, which are often a migraine trigger for people probe to migraines. (Luckily for me, I’ve only had two in my life. My wife and brother are chronic sufferers of migraines…and chronic caffeine consumers.)

So, there’s really no benefit and lots of downsides to taking caffeine long-term. I decided to give it up. Once I get past this withdrawl headache, things’ll be peachy. 🙂

Sadly, all we have here at work is acetomeniphrine and no ibuprofen. Since I like my liver and I want it available in case I decide to take up excessive drinking, I don’t feel too keen on taking more than 1 of these “extra strength”… Oh nuts. Lots of these “extra strength” headache pills contain caffeine. Better go check that. 😛