Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!

It’s Everybody Draw Muhammad Day today! Because depicting Muhammad is severe enough of a crime to fundamentalist Muslims that people who have done so have been attacked, beaten, even received death threats.
PZ Myers at Pharyngula posted “Violence is not free speech”, decrying the asinine violence and includes a video of a Danish cartoonist being attacked (he’s not harmed) at a university while giving a talk, appropriately enough, on free speech.
Hemant over at Friendly Atheist explains the reasons why we should all draw Muhammad quite well — I won’t belabor the point (any more). He also includes a compilation of Muhammad drawings; I like the recursive blasphemy of Muhammad drawing himself, and the three identical stick figure one.
Well, here’s my Muhammad doodle:

No, he’s not flying. 🙂 It’s just him hanging out, chillin’.
That’s enough to be blasphemous, which is patently ridiculous, I don’t feel it’s necessary to, say, have him be smitted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster or doing something gross. The point is to point out the absurdity of being labeled heretic, apostate, evil, insulting, blasphemous, for doing nothing more than innocently drawing a religious figure. Going out of my way to depict the figure as a dog, or a rapist, or particularly ugly or cruel looking, might be free speech which is also perfectly defensible, but I think detracts from the more reasonable message that religion is not universally sacrosanct and people who do not believe should not be victimized by whatever ancient and barbarous rules the believers follow.
It’s enough for me to say, “I don’t believe in Yahweh,” I don’t need to go out of my way be rudely insulting about it.