Getting Your Attention

John W. Loftus has a brief post in his continuing series “Reality Check: What Must Be The Case If Christianity is True,” about God getting your attention. He makes a very good point in revealing that there is no objective evidence that an omnipotent and omniscient deity is trying to get the whole world’s attention, despite scriptural claims that he’s quite capable of doing so. In actuality, the fact that his believers are doing all the work of getting peoples’ attention, and not doing that great of a job at it either, is rather telling in regards to if not the existence of said deity — then at least his actual interest level in the whole endeavor.

It reminds me of Matt Delehany (sp) of the Austin TV/Internet show “The Atheist Experience” who often responds to the question by believers “What would it take to convince you God exists,” with something like “If there is an omniscient god, he knows exactly what it would take to convince me, even better than I know myself.”