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No Comment

This is weird. I’m getting no comments on the blog.
And by no comments I mean no spam. I shouldn’t complain, but it’s really weird. Even with MT-Blacklist (anti blog spam plugin) I was still getting like 10 to 30 comment spams a day. Sometimes as few as one or five. But still, spam daily.
Now, for the last five days, not a single one! Nada. Zip.
Kinda freaky-weird. It’s like the natives’ drums have stopped and now it’s quiet. Toooo quiet….

(Added later…)
OK, I see there’s a problem. MT-Blacklist isn’t accepting any comments at all now. *sigh* Working on it….

The Return

I stopped blogging for two reasons mainly, well, OK, three: Time, spam, burn-out/depression.

Time is obvious. Spam, well, MT-Blacklist seemed to have stopped working and I was getting THOUSANDS, yes, thousands of spam comments on the blog. Very annoying at best and disruptive generally. And burn-out because I’d spent so much of my last blogs railing against the coming Bush reelection that when he was reelected and I heard the giant flushing of the country going down the toilet, my heart was simply no longer into the blog.

I started the blog skeptically in the first place, fearful of the reason for blogging being a masturbatory self-grandizing and self-absorbed exercise of vanity. I annoy the people around me enough with my opinions, why the heck would I presume anyone out there who deosn’t know me to get one iota of value out of my blog?

But come to find out at least three people I know read my blog. For what reason, I can’t fathom. Well, one actually resulted in interesting debates and discussions. A friend, who I shall call “Mark”, would comment on a blog now and and then and that would result in some very interesting discussions, where I would often learn quite a bit. I still owe him some time and effort to look up some Bible verses he sent me to refute my assertion that the Bible, and New Testament in particular, doesn’t really condemn homosexuality. Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting to get a NRSV Oxford Bible. From my reasearch I beliebe that translation is the closest yet to the original meaning and intent of the scriptures you can get without being a native speaker of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Anyway, he’s started his own blog, and so I thought heck, I’ll start over. He’s a great guy (and not just because he’s one of the few who read my blog *grin*). Smart and more knowledgeable about religious history and Biblical history and philosophy than anyone else I have ever met outside of The History Channel. We’ve spent more time than reasonable discussing religious and morality issues. And I’ve already commented on his blog a couple of times. (As “Mechphisto” if you’re interested. It’s the other Internet nick I use.) Anyway, check his stuff out, and be nice. =)

I even started a new blog under that nick, but I really like Moveable Type more than Blogger. So I’ll probably just copy that post over here and keep using this one. After looking at Mark’s blog, I’m considering a name change, though. It seems 90% of my blog is spent discussing political and religious “truths” and advocating skeptical, critical thinking. So I might change the name to something that reflects that. Although “Veritas” is already taken. 😉

Well, in short (ROTFL) I’ve reinstalled MT-Blacklist from scratch, and have taken a couple of other steps to help combat comment spam. So, here I go again to blather out to the world. Add my sound and fury signifying nothing to the cacaphony of other mindless drivel out there.

Enjoy. =)

No Comment…No Comment…

Well, I turned off comments again. MT-Blacklist, either because I installed it incorrectly or because of some internal flaws, it’s still not working like it did before I upgraded MoveableType. So I’m still getting flooded with comment spam.

…They took it alright, and laughed.

OK, so I’m still having problems with spam comments on the Blog. I hazard it’s a problem with the new install of MT-Blacklist being compromised by some remnant of the the MT-Blacklist still hanging around. MT-Blacklist worked 100% perfectly before I upgraded my Blog software to MT 3.0, so I still have faith.

Until then, I just have to delete 100 comments a day for poker ads and teen sex. urk.

Little trivia:
According to the company FrontBridge, which manages and evaluates e-mail traffic for over 15,000 e-mail domains, August 30th broke the record for the most spam in one day.
They estimate that 90% of the e-mail sent over the Internet on that was spam.

Spam Has Won This Battle

Since upgrading my blog software to MoveableType 3.0, my MT-Blacklist no longer works. So, I’m getting about 500 spam comments a day.
(Well, if I didn’t need the logs to tell me, that MT-Blacklist was doing a heck of a job before I upgraded MT!)
I’ve decided to turn off unregistered commented on the blog until I can find a solution.
I swear to god if I ever met a spammer I would take great pleasure in strangling him with his own intestine.