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Posting: The First

This is my 1st Blog entry.
(I could have thought of a better beginning for this auspicious (this thing needs a spell-checker) moment…but I’m impatient.)

That’s not quite true. I do have a blog of sorts on my main page of, but I’ve sort of used that for a more or less once a month article, or essay writing. Waiting until I have something vaugely interesting, at least to me, and write something long enough to make it worth the time.

Although I programmed the PHP myself to create its entry interface and posting and archival, and I’m VERY proud of it…it’s not that good for blogging as I have it display one at a time and you need to scroll through a listing to find a past one. So, I made the jump to a Blog.

And why in the name of God have I! Good question–I don’t know. I don’t read Blogs, I don’t really care for Blogs (unless I really know the person beforehand,) and even the word “Blog” is an icon of cyber-age popular trendiness. Gyack! =Þ
OK, not entirely true, I do sort of know why I started a blog. Vanity and experimentation and practice.

Vanity’s an easy one. But incongruous (did I mention the need for a spell-checker?) to who I am. I prefer to be private and quiet. Heck, I despise talking on the telephone!
There’s two concepts I try to live by: Mark Twain’s “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” And when it comes to on-line info: “Never put anything on a Web page you wouldn’t put on a grocery store bullitinboard.”
A blog is an open door to saying too much in either aspect. Makes it easy to jot an embarassing missive or too much info. And I really don’t like telling people too much info.

But I like sharing my opinion. =)
This way, instead of sharing my opinions to someone face-to-face where a confrontation might errupt or the other person may feel obligated to comment or compliment, often faslely, a person voluntarily has the choice of reading my thoughts and opinions and may comment if they so wish with no demand on them. So, I can feel free to be a little vain thinking my thoughts matter (LOL) by sending them out into the “public”, even if no one ever reads them.
Oh, and it’s not like it’s COMPLETELY public, like anyone passing by on their way to pick up a can of beans is going to see this…pretty much only people who already know me or at least have heard of me will be by to see this.
Oh well, not like I’m going to be giving away SSN’s.

Experimentation: I like playing with toys. =) Especially Web toys. And a Blog application is kinda cool. =) ‘Nuff said.

And Practice. I like to think of myself erroneously as a writer. “Poff,” you say!
Yeah, it’s true. I’ve been wanting to write creatively since…can’t remember that far back. And yet I’ve written only maybe 5 complete short stories and about 200 useable novel pages, not counting the probably 1000 pages of unfinished stories. Not much at all for a 32 year old who wants to become a writer, huh.
There is my role-playing game modules. I’ve written probably about 50, although only a few in any real well put together form.
In any case, the one most important adadge any wanna-be writer gets from creative writting classes and book (I’ve had 4 classes and have read about 15 books) is “A writer writes.” Daily, preferably. Be it prose, poetry, essays, or…a journal.
I’ve kept a journal on paper off and on for several years…but never stuck with it for any long streatch at a time. It’s just easier for my to type at a PC since I’m at one 12 hours a day or more, than to write on paper. For one thing it’s easier to keep up with my thoughts typing than it is in longhand in any semi-legible fashion.
So, this is another tool I want to use to build up my writing chops.

And that’s it. For now. My 1st Blog post. Normally I’ll use the “Extended Entry” field for long posts like this, but since it’s the 1st one I wanted it all on one page.
So, until later, thanks for reading! =)