Here are some essays, not very good ones I have to say, regarding some issues of religion.

These are attempts at self-contained coherence as opposed to the numerous blog entries that fill this journal. You can browse the RELIGION Category for the endless list of general blog posts.

Enjoy, but mainly, I hope they make you think.

Update: Since creating this page, I’ve gone through a LOT of study and thinking and searching–very much like Julia Sweeney’s search told about in her “Letting Go of God” show! I don’t consider myself a deist or believer of “Spinoza’s god” any longer. I’m fully a “secular humanist.” “Agnostic” is intellectual dishonesty and “atheist” is a silly term. It defines one in religious terms, plus, it’s ridiculous. There’s no word for people who don’t collect stamps, or people who don’t believe in mermaids–why should you call yourself something you don’t believe in? Do Christians call themselves asecularist or anaturalist? In any case, religious people are atheist in regards to every other of the 2399 gods humans have created, aside from their own. We unbelievers just add one more to that list.

Anyway, atheist is a negative term, is about absence and non-existence. Secular humanist is about what you are, and what you think in positive terms. It’s about promoting values, and ethics, and progress–ideals we can all share across cultural strata. It’s about promoting intellect, and reasoned thought, and critical analysis. it’s about protecting this very precious and rare gift of human life, history, future.

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