The Alpha Course

I’ll add some clever and pithy introductory verbiage and some summary comments here after the entire 10-week course has run its… course.

In the meantime, here are all the links to each session so far, for easy browsing:

  1. Who Is Jesus? (or: “Explore The Meaning of… Bitten Tongues.”)
  2. Why Did Jesus Die? (or: “Why’d Jesus Die?”)
  3. How Can We Have Faith?
  4. Why and How Do I Pray? (or: “Prayer? Cheese! Ah, That’s Power!”)
  5. Why and How Should I Read the Bible? (or: “The Instruction Manual?”)
  6. How Does God Guide Us? (or: “Does God Guide Us?”)
  7. How Can I Resist Evil? (or: “The Devil’s in the Details.”)
  8. Spirit in the sky. Now with lots of videos!
  9. Why and How Should I Tell Others? (or: “Sending humans to do a deity’s job.“)

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