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Cost of war. Denying evolution.

Unrelated title topics–I’m just featuring a couple of YouTube videos on the different subjects.
(Although, interestingly, some of the most strident defenders of the war are fundamentally religious conservatives. So I guess a connection can be made.

Anyway, here’s a couple of very poignant videos that I found fascinating, informative, and from one of them–a little bit horrifying and a lot tragic.

This first one is a shocking reminder of what the real costs of this war have been:

Despite how emotionally gripping the beginning is, toward the middle the list starts to become a bit long–which is an oddly mixed message: the alternatives are so many that the waste is sickening when all these alternative could have been made possible, that one may actually stop paying attention and give up on it.
The point is, stick through it to the end as he makes a very thought-provoking point and observation in the last quarter.

Then there’s this one regarding what it means to deny the fact of evolution:

Again, there’s a list of items that actually becomes long enough that you might tune out; but again, stick with it as toward the end he switches it around and lists things that to be a creationist you have to accept–and like the first half, it makes you think.

Finally, there’s this video which explains:

How evolution REALLY works.

Probably one of the best visual representations and explanations of how evolution works and how we know it’s factual and not “just a theory.” (There’s a small part in the middle where he lets the simulation go on its own for a while that you can safely speed through. 🙂 )