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On sexuality, feminism, and being a man, baby.

(Sorry for invoking the specter of Austin Powers with that title.)

I almost never discuss sex and gender issues on my blog. I think I have only twice in the five years I’ve been blogging:
The free market corrects (for errors in being trusting).
For the Bible tells me so.
Time for secret gay sex for straight men fading away.
Right to privacy…with your vibrator.
Contraception, abortion foe to head family-planning office – CNN.com
Why Gay Marriage is Wrong, Redux

Hmm, guess I’ve blogged more on the subject than I thought. But usually, based on a search of my blog, I mention in conjunction with Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) hatred of sex. Seems most every other non-Abrahamic religion in the world has a significantly more open and healthy attitude regarding human sexuality. The Abrahamic religions are nearly pathological when it comes treating human sexuality as wrong, dirty, evil, sinful, shameful, etc. ad nauseum. And since our western culture has been greatly influenced by and infected affected by the Abrahamic religions, our patriarchal society has taken on many of the same neurotic issues with sexuality. And even more so in the United States, which is the most Christian of all “civilized” western nations.

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